Impressions, they’re like gold. They’re some of the most valuable metrics in the marketing game, and the more you have, the more you want. For decades, TV advertising has been an impression’s gold mine. Even with modern distractions like smartphones and other media, direct response marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to reach your target market. Studies show that consumers still trust TV ads an average of 15 percent more than online video ads. But TV advertising has to be executed correctly. Far too often, advertisers lose sight of the most crucial requirements for direct response marketing. If you’re experiencing less than satisfactory results, it may be time for a refresher on the fundamentals of direct response advertising. Read on to see how your brand can get the best ROI on direct response television marketing.

Make the Offer Clear

Don’t muddy the waters and confuse your message with multiple offers. Make one offer. And make sure it is clear, easy to understand and compelling.

Have a Clear CTA

Repeat your call to action (CTA) several times or better yet, keep it on screen for the duration of your ad. That way no matter when the viewer begins to pay attention, they will always know what to do.

Features and Benefits

With direct response marketing, you always want to show it, not just say it. Focus less on the features of your product and more on how the customer will benefit from those features.

Tick Tock

Always make your CTA time-sensitive. Give your viewers a deadline for calling or go one step further and offer a deadline to get special incentives, such as a discount or “bonus” item.


Lock in your targeting. Running your ad to a random population of viewers is not a cost-efficient use of your budget. Use your market research to determine who your buyers are, what areas they live in and what they’re watching before you run your ad.

Cut Your Costs

Stop paying insanely high rates for cable TV spots! By using our vast network of media outlets you can save on your CPA marketing. We work with outlets that have unsold inventory to help both them and you capture unrealized revenue. The lower your costs for placing your ad, the stronger your return on investment will be. Contact us today for local, regional or national slots.